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My goal here is to lead individuals and businesses to achieve their whole capabilities/potentials and steer them into the right direction, in order to succeed in their life and careers.

By the help of Human Design, individuals' core abilities can be utilized and ways to enhance and reinvent businesses will be determined, which will ultimately lead to success!



Working with Sarah was divinely led. I attended a Human Design Reading with her were we started our journey of Personal Transformation that changed my life. The tools she helped me build and regain are numerous. Her kindness, compassion and her self-love helped me love myself. Sarah is truly a wonderful person who I recommend to anyone that's looking for clarity in their life to allow her to be part of their journey.

Alex, Personal Transformation Client

 I met Sarah during my journey to self-discovery, at a moment of my life where I was feeling stuck and lost, which turned out to the moment I actually found myself. Sarah introduced me to Human Design and we worked on changing my perspective of how I view my life as more beautiful and most importantly to focus on loving myself. I now know that the only reason we feel stuck is because we are always trying to live someone else's life.

With Love and Gratitude,

Lia, Personal Transformation Client

When I found Sarah, I was jobless for quite a while and I was incapable of making any large investment on myself either. We started on my career development and realized that I was doing Generator's work all my life while being a Projector, and everything made sense. I now am very passionate about my work and I do not mind doing it differently than everyone else. Thank you for your constant support.

Sofia, Career Development Client

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