Karen is an award winning certified chef and master baker, food industry consultant and educator, multimedia artist, and certified Human Design Guide and teacher of the “Living Your Design” course (please contact Karen for more information about this life transforming Human Design System: the Science of Differentiation, which is based upon your individuated DNA Genetic Code blueprint; the synthesis of the mechanics of your Body’s Nature (DNA Cellular Wisdom) and Nurture  (Personality Mind Consciousness) that work in tandem in your correct Decision Making to support your optimum life choices: nutrition, best suited place, relationships, work, career, and more to enhance your feeling of well-being and personal freedom in

your unique Life.

Raised at the knees of family cooks, and round the table philosophers, healers, educators, a independent business owners, Karen’s fondest memories are of experiences around the family table, filled with not just great food, but with rich conversation, storytelling and humor. Karen hopes to carry on these caring traditions. She is a lover of people, animals, nature and beautiful fabulous tasting and nutritious food. She is dedicated to sharing the gift of the Human Design System that empowers and awakens so many people and organizations around the world. Karen brings Hope to the "Table," of these organizations, her students, clients and the businesses she works with.

Karen has been called a "joyful alchemist": elevating the Art of Living, by marrying the best of ancient, traditional and modern day modalities to create "Deliciousness," and support our Awakening to our Uniqueness and Individuality...in all facets of our life. Karen says, “In truth, we eat, live, create, work and find our partners and mates by using all of our innate senses. “We are “Pure Wisdom Machines,” she says…

“Love Yourself and Enjoy Your Ride!”

Karen taught Multimedia Art and Culinary Arts at Nova University in Coral Springs Florida.  She was a workshop facilitator and Curriculum Adviser for the Mamaroneck School Board, lecturer at the New School for Social Research, NYC (Entrepreneurial Ventures and Better Business Practices), lecturer for the Westchester Holistic Network, NY, the Blue Horizons Holistic Network of Rockland County, NY, and most recently the Culinary Arts teacher at D’Agostino’s Market Culinary Arts School and Ardsley New York Inter-Village Continuing Education instructor. Her career as a Food Industry Recipe/Product Developer, Business Consultant and Corporate

Coach is ongoing.

Karen won the Prestigious Five Star Diamond Chef Award by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences and Product Award. Personal appearances include the Food Network, Today Show and QVC. Karen is a former Board member and longstanding member of the New York Woman's Culinary Alliance (NYWCA), the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAP), volunteer, project designer and fund raiser and 2003 honoree of My Sisters' Place (Domestic Violence Organization).

Karen received an AAS degree and Golden Designer Award from Parsons School Of Design, NYC, a BS in Education from New York University, the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and the Culinary Arts, NYC, Chef Certificate, International Human Design School, Certificate. As well, an AM degree…Admiring Mother…acquired after years of observing the blossoming of her two heart-full and generous daughters, Alexandra and Danielle and son-in-law David, who are equally devoted to their individual endeavors.

*Here lies your Invitation to get started. All that’s needed is your precise Birth Data: Birthday, Exact Time of Birth and Place of Birth (Town, City, State, Country), as one empowering decision after another awaits you!

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Karen can be reached at:
Karen W. Spirer (914) 310-2949 karenwspirer@gmail.com,
 www.humandesignguidance.com  -  www.karenwspirer.com

Certified Human Design Guide/Coach/Educator/Lecturer,
Teacher of the “Living Your Design” (LYD) Course,
Certified Nutritional Chef/Educator/Lecturer,
Entrepreneurial Assessment and Coaching/Lecturer

"It is an amazing thing, it's all there, the mechanics of your Nature and Nurture. Here is how you find your identity. Do you want to know what it's like to be aware? Do you want to know what it's like to have an awakened consciousness? Treat your body well…listen to it. We're here to live it out fully
~Ra Uru Hu (Founder and Messenger of the Human Design System)

Live Yourself, Love Yourself, and See What Happens!!

Karen w. Spirer

"An Awakened Life...at last!"

 The Human Design System BodyGraph