Career Development



‘’Allow your passion to become your purpose and it will one day become your profession’’

When we look around our world we see so many talented and gifted people of all ages living passionless lives without knowing what they are supposed to be doing. They all have a dream of making a difference, but yet they do not know how or maybe even believe that they can actually turn it into a reality.

Once you find your inner genius you find your purpose.

Imagine how the world would look like if all those people where doing what they love? How different would the work look like. There would be more satisfaction, self love, abundance and giving back to the community. People would be living their purpose and inspiring everyone around them to do the same.

After years of Business experience, where I have launched three successful businesses and managed large international companies, it was time for me to start inspiring others to become who they are meant to be.

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With the Career Development program, I have the tools to unlock latent potentials for those who are ready, those who resonate with me and respond in to creating a passionate life. The purpose of this program is to define your process and your knowledge into practical steps that can bring you to a place of highest potential, highest possible efficiency and effectiveness.


This journey of self discovery takes a level of comprehension and commitment beyond the traditional one. It is an individual journey that is about walking a path that exists already inside you.

In this journey you will have the starring role, and you will step into the proper flow of your own life’s movie, where there will be highs and lows like every epic movie, but as long as you follow your Strategy and Authority it will be perfect for you.


Once you reach a point of enough self-awareness and knowledge, you start sharing with others.

Human Design

Human Design shows us how we can best operate in the world and the workplace through the Four Career Types:

Builders, Advisors, Innovators, and Evaluators.

Knowing your type explains who you’re born to be and how to communicate effectively.

Sometimes life tells us exactly what work we should be doing, but we usually always look for something else. We all have our unique gifts and if we find the right way to use them we can live a passionate and satisfying life following our Life’s Work.

In the career development we will explore the career than ignites your energy and allows you to experience harmony and flow in your life. We will look into ways to enhance your strategies and maximize your gifts while at the same time working in the correct environment.

Knowing your design and following your correct career path will expand your life in ways that you never thought were possible. You will start experiencing an ease and flow in life and will allow you to be your wonderful self.

A. DISCOVERY - Explore

Introduction and personal assessment. The discovery stage aims to clarify your purpose and allows you to create a new awareness to face your challenges in a more conscious, intentional and strategic way.

B. MAPPING - Enhance

Crystallize your vision and intentions. From there we will start working on a plan of action and strategy for implementation. We will explore your potentials, enhance the inner and outer experience.


This is the most important part of the process, the part where you allow your passion to become your profession and you expand your life in levels you never thought possible.

We will walk into this final step together and make sure that you wake up with purpose every single day.

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