The Human Design System; the Science of Differentiation

....Is Your Decision Making Tool that You Didn’t Receive at Birth!

Your Genetic Code Revealed, Made User Friendly, Creates Transformation!

Welcome to Human Design Guidance  -  a Portal within the newest body of self-validating, self-knowledge on our planet today. Not a Belief or Mind based system, this far-reaching Human Design System; the Science of Differentiation, is easily experimented with to validate it's truth and usefulness in your life. This science is a profound opportunity to  introduce you to your Unique Genetic Code, entire Health System and your Body's newly evolved Energetic Cellular Wisdom for making empowering decisions to navigate through every facet and arena of your life.

Most Modern Holistic Wellness Techniques, as well newer allopathic, psychological and philosophical sciences, are often described as focusing on the Body, Mind and Spirit. But this is a much more advanced and comprehensive personal assessment tool that is available now. It provides you with a visually beautiful, highly detailed blueprint of your unique individuality, and how you operate; called your Human Design BodyGraph Mapping...your "Personal Operating Manual."

This depiction becomes a complete understanding your entire physical health system: personal psychology, gifts, environmental, work/career, relationship inclinations and needs and where you are open and vulnerable to outside influences and conditioning, leads to the profound discovery of precisely where in your Body's cellular wisdom, lie your defined Decision Making Tools called your Inner Strategy and Authority. The result of experimenting with this information, leads to more than ever before, making those correct, life-empowering personal decisions. As most of us know, any one decision can change your life and others around you forever. A profound Energetic Cellular Healing occurs when you make correct: life, health relationship and career decisions, not from your ancient fear based MIND and Thinking, but from your Body's Genius for knowing how to keep you on your track, and how to get you back on it when you fall off. All of this is explained during your personal BodyGraph Assessment Reading.

In essence, this Science is a new to our world, invitation to De-condition from your unconscious, ancient internal Drive called the, "Genetic Imperative." This unconscious, internal physical impulsion to improve and evolve our Gene Pool, drives us to lose our individuality by mating with "The Other," so to speak. A practice known in Animal Husbandry. For the first time in Human History, through the use of the Human Design System; the Science of Differentiation, is the first Self-validating, Self knowledge Assessment Tool to for the first time in Human History, to end this internal hijacking. A hijacking no longer needed, as we have shifted now into a more conscious being who can now use our Body's Wisdom to lead us to our correct health choices, environment, partners, work and careers, one empowering decision at a time.

Here is your  profound Opportunity to get back to the person you were born to Be, not the one that you've naturally grown to THINK you are! And, shockingly, this is no one's fault...which you'll learn about through the Human Design System. Our Mind's are still great Data Collectors, but through a profound shift and growth in our Body's Cellular Wisdom and growth, our Thinking Mind is now more of a highly programmable Receptacle for the Ancient Authoritative, fear-Based Homogenization of US!

This information is absolutely vital to support the thriving and healthy survival, not just adults, but our Newborn's and Children's Growth and Development as Unique Individuals. This Science informs us that Food and the way we take in the world and the world takes us in energetically, i.e.., Nutrition, Environment, Relationships and Work/Career practices are great homogenizing we take in the world and how it takes us in. Through better understanding our newer individual needs, we can now best start out life and throughout our life, stave off the health, psychological and social issues now plaguing our world.

Drilling Down a Bit More:

Your BodyGraph's Precise Mappingof Your Duality or "Biversity,"i.e.,

    it is the synthesis of your Nature (Body's Genetic Code, DNA Cellular Wisdom) and your Nurture aspect (Personality Mind Consciousness, vulnerable to outside influences).

Most importantly...this template accurately identifies where in your Body's Cellular Wisdom lie your Go-To Decision Making Tools...your Inner GPS...

called your Strategy and Inner Authority.  

Now Imagine; You Are Not the Person You Have Been Thinking You Are...But Instead, the One You Never Imagined Yourself To Be!

  Startlingly, you 'll discover the Whys and Wherefores of How this lack of Self Awareness could have happened...and that it is no one's fault...not parents, teachers nor the world

    Can you imagine having that veil finally drop from your eyes, clearing up the clouds about Who You Were Born To Be and reconcile what you have so far experienced in your life...       and possibly Why?

 Then, more Self-empowered than ever before, you'll live into the next phase of your life...   Can you imagine the that?

  • Commentary: “Wow…this is what it feels like to be Awake and Alive…

to have the lights turned on in the darkroom I didn’t know I had been living in…Entire life!” That’s the bottom a Nutshell!

A Profound Awakening:

    Are you Aware of what Drives youwhat Motivates you…what your Unique Point of Viewpoint is? 

Are You Aware of Your Inherent Gifts, Talents and Vulnerabilities to Outside Influences!

 Do you know how your entire Physical and Emotional Health System Operates?

Do you know how best to take in your Nutrients, Information and Data?             

  Do you know your best suited Environment to live and work in, your Relationship, Work and Career Role inclinations and well with whom to Work,

Partner or Marry... what your Purpose is?

   Do you know where in your Body and Mind, you are Open and Vulnerable to

Outside Influence Conditioning and Programming?

You Are a Virtual “Wisdom Machine!”

   Essentially always sending you alerts as to what Decisions and Choices to make by way of your Body’s sensations; Gut, Hunches, Feelings, Taste, Smell, Inner Voice, etc.

    Using your inborn Decision Making Strategy and Authority, you can experiment   with this information to test and verify what you Discover here as Your Truth, of Value and Useful in your life…or NOT!

You Are "The Only Decision Making Authority in Your Life…The Captain Of Your Own Ship"....Your Body is your Intern Truth Barometer!

You are always receiving alerts to what is Correct or Not, Empowering or Not.

      Your "Inner Intelligent Guidance Agency," gives you the ability to Not get Hijacked by conditioning messaging, and De-Condition from those 

Mind Set Belief Systems that had Captivated your Mind.

Benefits and Results:

You are then able to experience less Resistance, Suffering, Frustration, Bitterness, Anger and Disappointment and more Satisfaction, Success, Peace, more Surprise and..a Personal Freedom you may never have imagined possible!

Nothing to Believe in Here, No One Size Fits All or Anything to Follow!

This is Not a Self-help, Mind Based, "7 Steps to Think and Do Anything," Master or Guru driven Rabbit Hole to follow them down, eat their “Magical Change Truth Cookie." This Science informs you that you don't need to Change a thing about Yourself, or look outside of Yourself to these homogenizing messages, and belief systems for your Truth. Like individuated crystalline Snowflakes that fall to Earth and become Homogenized Slush, your Body's wisdom is your Personal Truth Barometer, that knows what is correct and empowering for you, or not.
This is Your Invitation to Live as Yourself as Never Before:

Time to ask your Mind, and Thinking to relax and surrender to Your Body's Wise Driver and Wheel...Your Body knows exactly where to take you.Your Mind is an Impressionable Receptacle. It is a Thinking Filter, open and vulnerable to being Hijacked by the World's Fascinating, Conditioning, Propaganda Data Base. Information that we are bombarded with every moment of every day! Mind can't distinguish the This and That, Measuring and Contrasting Stuff, it just Absorbs and Believes! It is not built to distinguish Truth From Falsehoods..Not for your decision making and choices. Mind is designed as Your Outer Authority to share with others...possibly assist them in understanding the World...maybe their decision making...and only to inform yours...NOT MAKE THEM!  Enjoy the ride!

Note: Einstein and Carl Sagan...(famous physicists/cosmologists)...both believed that we are "Conscious Stardust." comprised of all of the Chemistry, Biology, Frequencies and Light Waves (Cosmic Dust!)...all vibrating together and filtered through the Neutrino Stream "Ocean" - the smallest known particles of matter in our Energy Exchanging Universe. Einstein coined this Consciousness; "The God Particle."  This Science identifies these particles as "The Crystals of Consciousness." Essentially the Life Force in "Stardust," that impacts, imprints and Defines us with certain characteristics and traits on a daily basis, before and after birth...some permanently and others not. It's our inherited DNA, exhibited to You on Your Unique BodyGraph Blueprint.  Hence, your precise Birth Data determines your individuated Body and Personality Consciousness.

  • Here lies your Invitation to get started. Are your ready to meet that Consciousness that is all of its Definitions, Characteristics and Manifestations?! All that’s needed is your precise Birth Data: Birthday, Exact Time of Birth and Place of Birth (Town, City, State, Country), as one empowering decision after another awaits you!

For more information about the Types of BodyGraph Chart Assessment Readings: Foundation, Companionship, Newborn/Child and Cycle Return Readings
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"It is an amazing thing, it's all there, the mechanics of your Nature and Nurture. Here is how you find your identity. Do you want to know what it's like to be aware? Do you want to know what it's like to have an awakened consciousness? Treat your body well…             listen to it...we're here to live it out fully.
~Ra Uru Hu (Founder and Messenger of the Human Design System)

Live Yourself, Love Yourself, and See What Happens!!

"You are a One-of-a-Kind...Make Correct Decisions...

Live Yourself,  and See What Happens!

Karen w. Spirer

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