Human Design

Human design is a journey of self-alignment with inner authority that feels harmonious and true. It's a synthesis of astrology, the chakra system, I-Ching, the Kaballah, quantum mechanics, biochemistry and DNA-genetics.

The human design system will help answer the most important questions in one's life:

How can you make healthy decisions ?

What is your potential wisdom ?

Where are you  conditioned by others ?

What are your pitfalls?

Are you emotional in your nature?

Who are you in relationships?

What environment and nutrition is correct for you ?

How can you live your correct strategy ?

What is your purpose?

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About Human Design

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The Humanity consists of 4 types.


Few people are designed to initiate things: Manifestors.

Most people are designed to work, to build and shape aspects of our society: Generators and Manifesting Generators.

A small part of humanity are designed to observe and guide others: Projectors.

The Reflectors are a mirror to society.

Manifestor (8%)

Role: the Starter

Their aura makes them push energy forward. They are ones that can clear the way and initiate new things. When they inform their surroundings of what they are going to do before they take action, they will manifest peacefully or at least correctly. But informing is not a natural mechanism for Manifestors. Rather they do not want to be interfered with. They often do not realise the impact their actions have on people around them and have to deal with the resistance of these people whom they did not inform. The feeling of Anger that arises is a result of not informing.

Are you a Manifestor?
Do you inform those you impact with your decision?


Generator (70%)

Role: the Builder

Their aura is receptive. They have consistent life force energy that becomes available through response. Generators want to spend their energy on things that they love to do. When Generators respond to life, they spend their energy correctly and they find themselves in a creative working process of building things step by step. A happy Generator is satisfied after a hard work day.

When they do not listen to their body (their sacral response), but follow their mind, they end up doing things they do not have the energy for. Their motor stops and they feel frustrated because they force themselves to continue.

Are you a Generator?
Do you follow your gut feeling?



Projector (21%)

Role: the Guide

Their focused aura penetrates the other. They are designed for one on one guidance of Generators. They are most successful when they are invited to do so.
But very often they will not await this invitation and initiate their advise in the hope to be seen and recognised. If the invitation was not there and they initiate anyway, their advise is not heard and they feel the bitterness of not being seen.

Though this has nothing to do with the quality of their insights, but more with the correct timing.

Are you a Projector?
Do you wait to be invited?


Reflector (1%)

Role: Mirror of a community

Their aura is constantly taking information in and putting it out again. They reflect their surrounding. That can be fun and surprising if you live amidst an awake and aware community, but reality is often different. A reflection can be quite disappointing because they encounter people living homogenized lives. Reflectors are at their best in large groups of people. They sample and get a taste of many different auras in a day. Their identity is one that blends in with the group. Reflectors need a lot of time to process this openness and make clear personal decisions.

Are you a Reflector?
Do you allow your self a lot of time for your decisions? 

Design Keys

There are three main keys in your design that make up your personalized navigating system: type, strategy and authority.Your type points to your natural place and purpose in the material world. Your strategy points to your type’s most efficient and authentic way of interacting with life. Your inner authority points to the most reliable area in your body that can authorize the right decisions for you.Below is a generalized description of all three keys with the aim of clarifying the functionality of your design in everyday life. More detailed information on all types and their strategies can be found on the IHDS and Jovian Archive sites.

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There are four basic energy types in Human Design, each has its unique operating system. Your type points to the way you are designed to apply your energy and contribute your gifts. 


Every type comes complete with its purpose signature and emotional themes. Each type also has an auric quality, which acts like an invisible calling card. Your aura, which is the energy field that surrounds your body, is the first aspect of you that people meet with.


Understanding your type is your first big clue about how you are meant to fulfill your purpose in form. 


Few people are designed to initiate things: Manifestors.

Most people are designed to work, to build and shape aspects of our society: Generators and Manifesting Generators

A small part of humanity is designed to observe and guide others: Projectors

The Reflectors are a mirror to society.


As we are all unique we are also all connected in this life, and being connected with the right people and right experiences is what following your strategy means.

Following our strategy has no agenda, but it reflects your type and the way you should navigate your life. Your type will lead you to connect with the right people without resistance as well as paying attention to the things or people who shouldn’t.

Together with your authority, following strategy will help you create an effortless and satisfying path.



What a powerful and yet misused part of us is the mind? The mind should only be used as a producer that helps us create experiences and not to navigate decisions.

We have an inner authority that we silence down while we should be putting the volume higher. It is our natural knowing and it is based on an energy centre on your body which has the correct timing and process for each of us. Some people have Emotional Authority , hence they are not meant to make decisions in the moment but to wait for clarity.’’There is no truth in the now for emotional authority’’

The ‘’splenic’’ authority  gut-feeling authority acts in the now.There are different authorities that focus on the them of each person's centre.

The Nine Centers

of the bodygraph


The Bodygraph is made up of nine centers, each relating to specific organs in the body. According to your birth imprint a center will become colored or remain white. The colored centers operate in a consistent way. If you have the Heart center defined in your chart, you have consistent access to your will power.

The most vulnerable parts are the open centers. They do not operate consistently because they are open to influences from others. This is where you are being conditioned in life. In a reading you will be explained how you can recognize this conditioning, how to deal with it and stay aligned to your true nature.


Colored Centers

The colored centers are your fixed characteristics or inborn talents, also called Definitions. A center is colored because it is connected to a nearby center with a channel. It will operate consistently according to specific themes.

In a reading the analyst will tell you about these channels and how you bring these talents out into the world by correct interaction.

Decision making

The colored areas are where you are your self. These characteristics are a fixed part of you. Idealy you make your decisions from these parts. They all work together perfectly if you understand the logic behind your design.

Your correct decision making is connected to your Strategy and Inner Authority.

Strategy and Inner Authority are the two most important keys to live a life as your true self. They are a result of the interaction between the centers and gates.


Open Centers

When a center is open or transparent, you experience its content as inconsistent. Here you are being influenced by the people around you, kind of like an open window.

When you are not aware of your openness, you identify strongly with everything that comes in. You try and understand it mentally and want to take mental decisions about it to get rid of the pressure. But the only way to deal correctly with it is to follow your Strategy and Authority.

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