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Personal Foundation Analysis

This is going to be the manual of your life, what will allow you to live in full alignment with your true self and discover who you are and what you are here to do. 

This analysis will show you why you have diverted from your true self and how you can correct it and live your life in the correct flow.

The body graph describes your inherent potential and your uniqueness and how you can live your life and fulfill your purpose. 

From the day we are born and for the first 7 years of our lives everything around us conditions us and mainly they teach us how to take decision from our mind and not from our Authority. 

We will re-discover, look at where and why you struggle and guide you on how to use your energy correctly. We will look into how to make decisions in all parts of your life and trust that your own body intelligence 


PHS:Primary Health System

The PHS is a system that revolutionizes the health of each individual.It recognizes that each person and its body has its unique requirements. If you are not eating according to your determination, your body suffers which means eventually your whole being is compromised. The problem is that in regards to eating and what is healthy, we are homogenized and this restricts everyone's potentials . PHS helps you uncover what you need to be healthy and how does your digestion work optimally. With PHS we will look into what is the correct way to intake food and what is the correct surroundings . Aligning one's health means reaching their full potential . 


Rave Psychology

Perspective (view) & Distraction dynamic gives you the ability to take your decisions from the view of the world that is correct for you. We are each designed to view the world differently. For example, if you are color 6 you are designed to see things very personally almost narcissistic. In the homogenized world, this kind of view can show that there is something wrong with you. In this stage we will be working on reconditioning your open centers and what approach works best for you. 


Career Profile Analysis -BG5

In BG5 there is a powerful personal and professional assessment tool that focuses on the correct career and business application for each individual . This system will help you reach your fullest potential align yourself with your life’s work and recognize that we all have different strengths, talents and gifts. We will also discover different tools and techniques to help you achieve success and be fulfilled in your life. 

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