Personal Transformation

Empowering people and guiding them to understand themselves, their potentials and activate their authenticity.

‘’The Power Within us’’


When we are born we know exactly who we are, what we like, how we should eat, how we should sleep, how we should make decisions and what our passions are.

All of this is lost along the way where we learn to copy each other, mimic our families, compare ourselves with everyone around us and try to be someone we are not. This leads us to frustration, unsatisfying work, failing relationships, unhealthy lifestyle and a general unhappiness and discontent.

“If only life come with a manual”, is what I used to tell myself so many times throughout my life.

My journey to self-transformation was a long one. It started 10 years ago when I started struggling with digestion, and suffered from constant emotional waves, where I was unable to make my own decisions at times which lead to unhappiness in my life. The journey was long where I took so many wrong choices and made so many mistakes, but that's what lead me to all the right and satisfying places I currently am in.  Why? Because I was determined to find them and not to give up.

I am happy to share with all of you the different twists and recipes I used to reach here, but I'd rather take you right to the end results ; I am a Manifesting Generator with Emotional authority and a 3/6 profile currently at the Roof.

By being a 3/6, it means that I can live countless experiences leading me to the wonderful conclusion that I am here to be wonderful and exultant to my spirit. Whereas, my purpose is fulfilled simply by being who I am and different from everyone else. All those years I kept searching and collected many answers which now I know where never intended for me, but instead they were building up a beautiful reservoir that I can use to help others answer their own questions.


The personal transformation program has as a goal to create coherence and ease in your life by following steps starting from the core of our being.

The core of our being is our health and the engine that moves us or slows us down is our digestion and the vehicle is our body.

We will investigate the correct regimen for your design and different ways to beautify your life.

Moving forward we will look into the correct environment and what is your natural recovery process. We will learn how your mind works and how you are designed to make decisions from your own authority. Your real authority in Human Design is the area of consistent force, that is different from your mental mind and it has its own way of speaking to you.

During our Personal Transformation we will go into a journey of reacquainted with yourself and your authority, something that will eventually feel like coming home.

This is a journey where you will discover that there are flashes of certainty, clarity and calmness which will help you ride all the ups and downs of the waves with ease.

You will experience abundance in all areas of your life; relationships, love, business, money, career all without any resistance.

What is this journey then? This is simply a journey of unconditional self-acceptance, love and individuation. 

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A - Explore

We will explore all the areas of your life that need to be addressed. We will look at your Human Design profile so we can identify the old conditioning and beliefs that are causing the resistance in your path.

B- Enhance

Knowing your design is one thing but being able to operate with it is another. We will take a detailed step by step approach into rediscovering yourself. Ra Uru Hu, the creator of the Human Design said that "Only the not-self suffers".

Once you will start enhancing your life by Living Your Design, everything will start falling into place. You will start attracting the right people for you, the right experiences, the correct work and the most effortless relationships. This is the gift that comes from being yourself. This will be the most challenging part of your journey and you will find yourself "torn" between your old and new real self at many occasions.


We will enhance one by one each aspect of your life with courage and self-love.

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C - Expand

Getting rid of years of conditioning is not easy and it never happens over night. It takes persistence dedication and consistency. Together, we will walk this final part of your journey, making sure that you are stepping into your authority and strategy with awareness and confidence that will allow you to expand in all areas of your life.