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Emotionally Defined People

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

This week, we will talk about emotionally defined people, which amount approximately to 51% of the population. What does it mean to be emotionally defined? Well it means exactly what it says, we are aware of all the different range of emotions and we go through them in a very intense way. Not knowing that this is who you are could lead to many different assumptions. Many times, emotionally defined people could be diagnosed as depressive or sad or many other things that are not correct. Why? Because in our society it is acceptable to feel and show good emotions; happiness , satisfaction, gratitude; but what if you are someone who goes through the whole wave quite regularly?

From my own experience, someone with defined emotions knows exactly how they feel at any given moment and it is very easy for her/him to articulate it, but as the word implies, emotion is "energy in motions", so it is not stable and it is constantly changing and moving.

For a long time I was told I was too sensitive, unable to control my emotions, too emotional and too stubborn in my own ways. It was somehow true, the fact was that I was going against my emotional wave, and pressuring it to move from the ‘’downwards state’’ which could have been sadness, confusion, lack of confidence, anger and many more to the ‘’upwards’ which as a manifesting generator my happiness, content, positive energy could actually transform the energy of a whole place to the same feeling. Emotional people should not be avoiding the wave, they should ride it with awareness and patience . For me the biggest fear was that people will see me in my low wave and I would hide it like a bad secret. This all changed and I now know that my emotions are my biggest power and this wave is my greatest gift. I enjoy the down wave, giving myself the time I need to rest and accept whatever it is I am feeling knowing very well that THIS TOO SHALL PASS, and looking forward to the positivity that comes once this is over. What I also learned was that I needed to develop my own mechanisms and routines to be able to handle all this as well learned to inform my loved ones that this has nothing to do with them and if I happen to disappear it is totally personal. For me what is the most important is being healthy , sleeping well and keeping my nervous system balance. Anything that can trouble my system will trouble my emotions and will put me in a loop that I should not be. It is not easy not knowing exactly at which part of the wave you will wake up, but every moment gives space for great understanding and amazing insights for ourselves and our lives. My defined emotions allow me to know exactly how the people around me feel even without them saying anything , hence I am always able to help them and care for them . Funnily enough most of my closest people have undefined emotions , which I used to call them aloof and cold and unable to express how they fell because they don’t care enough , now I take this as an opportunity to understand their point of view in life , teach them and learn from them .

My greatest tool has been learning my strategy and authority in Human Design and has saved me from so many unwanted items that I bought in a moment of emotional highs and bad decisions I took while in emotional lows. As emotional people we should always wait for clarity, for the wave to pass and for the response to come to us.

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