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The center where Identity is emerged.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

I dedicate this poem to all the people trying to find themselves with the undefined G center.

They are spending a huge portion of their life seeking and searching for who they are, not knowing that they are "everyone" and that’s their charm!

They can exist in all people and they can find all directions!

They can be a mirror reflecting what they see in people they interact with, and then they won't need to answer the question "Who Am I? ", because they know...

“Who Am I, I ask?”

Who Am I, I ask?

Am I the traveler who walks in the paths of life, am I the artists who shine in the midst of night, am I the worker who knows the depths of life who am I, I ask.

I Am you, and you are me, or is it you that I am me?

Who am I, I ask again and I dance with grace and love, but when you stop I stop with you, who Am I, I ask again.

I am Me and me is You , and Him ,and Her and Them, but this is Me, so I won’t ask who Am I ever again.

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