Re: Human Design, “Thanks again for the excellent HDS presentation and for your efforts to put out this great info…It helps to have an knowledgeable HDS analyst help you understand and interpret your chart... I can recommend my friend Karen Spirer who is passionately teaching this work...It’s not just more stuff to know about, it’s an opportunity to truly understand your life and to start a shift to our true empowered Self! it is one of the 'links to apparent evidence of metaphysical reality.” S.G.

“I think today was amazing.  With so much to take in, I felt more empower to be myself in more situations...Great job!  You are very inspiring!! “Thank you so much for coming into my life and shedding such light on the world!!! It was a pleasure for me…!!!!  I feel empowered to live my design.  Thank you so much, Karen.”  S.S.

“I really enjoyed today and learning more about Human Design…I have really enjoyed the workshop and planning on slowing my life down…in fact...remembering you telling me I should sit and relax! It is really helping me! I feel like a completely different person.  Not blurtingI am changing….Thanks so much. I think you are such a wonderful person!   It is such a pleasure to have met you! Love, P.M.”

Yes, (Human Design)… all resonated well with me- expanded my openness further :) I appreciate your time and caring, it means a lot. I am very interested in my path and soul purpose and expanding and opening the consciousness of others...No coincidences in life. I would love to be a part of what you are doing in some form or way. R.P.

Hi Karen,
I've been reading the HD workbook which raised more questions. ..The class was great and you definitely put your heart into the weekly presentations...I look forward to whatever format you decide

Hi Karen…Please send me more info on Human Design…

I find it very interesting and enlightening…All the best, Jim

It was a pleasure for me too!!!!  I feel empowered to live my design.  Thank you so much Karen...S

You are a very kind soul, a leader helping humanity evolve, thank you for the work you do. ~ Michael H.

Hi Karen…Meeting with you tonight was so great!   I know I am learning about HD slowly, but it has helped me a lot already.  I read your notes and it is amazing how I can see myself for who I really am and I know I will be learning more and more about myself.  This has helped me so much and I still know so little. Thanks again.  You are a wonderful, caring person and so dedicated.  I am so happy to have met you.  I look forward to working with HD. It is part of my goal in taking care of myself…Love, P

I appreciate your caring and nurturing energy coming through your teaching…Best Wishes…V

Hi Karen…Thank you sooooooooo much for everything. I appreciate it all and I will review (Human Design) what you sent to me with pleasure…appreciation…Much love, V
Thanks so much Karen for all this great (Human Design) information that you've sent, and also for everything you told me about the other night : ). I'm feeling very optimistic right now : ) C.B

Karen, you were superb!  Thank you again, for caring, for your graciousness, and for your kindness & generosity…everything went swimmingly. At a couple points during your HD presentation I was overcome with tearful emotions, when you hit on some insight…Karen, the reason I was so moved is that hearing  about existing traits and the origin of certain patterns of behavior and responses to the world, and why certain situations have constantly presented challenges,  And most impactfully, it gave me hope that I would be able to live life fully and joyfully, in the moment…even thoughts leading to a solution - and feel fulfilled and uncluttered and free.  Some of what you touched on even gave me hope to remedy and dismantle that torturous process! All that in flashes throughout your presentation!  L. D.

  Oh, Karen...I am so grateful to you...I also think this (Human Design) will open up new portals that have been waiting for me to finally realize they are there. ..A very good thing…Keepin' that love flowin' back with the extra special hug. Thank you, thank you, thank you, again…xoxoxo ~Lois L

Karen is Incredible! She got it Spot on with both J and me and gave us a lot of tools to be peaceful and productive...She is a Keeper!...T and J

Karen w. Spirer